For whom with guts to challenge and look forward, we, the SDBNI CO., LTD., will always open our door to come.

3figures of the competent person wanted
  • The person who is faithful to the basic principle, having the right sense of values.

  • The person who has the innovative thingking.

  • The person who is the type of muliplayer, having the global mind.

System of personnel management 

희망과 적성을 고려한


객관적이고 공정한


개인의 능력과 성과에 따른


회사 경영성과에 따른


​incentive in accordance with
value creation and innovation 
Corporate culture

  • ​4 core values : Customer focus, innovation, Professionalism and Speed

  • ​Changes in business work.









Upbringing talent persons

  • ​Sharing core business work. (Share of future vision)

  • ​Bringing up sucessor at every part/department. (Build up of the system for smooth business handover)

  • Rearing professionals in core business fields. (Support system of Professional educational courses)

  • Seeking professions to invite from out of the company. (Recommending system of executive and staff)

Pay / Welfare

  • Starting salary of university graduate : Top level among the same industries, paying lunch fee separately.

  • Support the expenses for congratulations and condolences : Giving the expenses and holidays when the person in question or his/her family gets the occasion of congratulation and condolences.

  • Provide traffic expenses : 
    - Traffic and cell phone expenses for sales staffs.
    - Vehicles maintenance Expenses.

  • Provide souvenirs and/or books for New Year's Day, the harvest moon Festival.

  • Operate dining room for employee.

  • Give uniform for summer and winter.

  • Regular health check : Implement periodic medical examination and preventive checkup every year.

  • Group periodic insurance : Accident insurance due to occupational cases.
    (Max. 1hundred milion won in Korean currency)

  • 40 hours work a week.

  • Summer vacation for 5days.

  • 코코랩 인스타그램

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