Natural Preservative

NATURAL preservative


Although synthetic preservatives are widely used in food and non-food areas to improve product safety and preservability but the situation is that human toxicity of synthetic preservatives is continuously raised as a social issue.

Therefore, there is an increasing demand from sensible consumers for more safe, more fresh, more natural-like preservatives.

Natural preservatives are naturally derived materials which suppress spoilage of products through suppression or reduction of microbial growth, and stop the loss of product quality caused by chemical-physical changes through heat and acidity, and there is a lively movement to replace synthetic preservatives in not only food but also in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and many other areas.

However there is a highly limited number of natural preservatives that are permitted to be used as food additives and the reality is that corporate research activity is focused on expanding the application areas that can use the limited number of ingredients.

Our company has acquired new ingredients with superior antibacterial, antioxidant and other properties through screening technology for new ingredients and currently developing lipid soluble antioxidants and water soluble antimicrobials at the same time.

Furthermore we have acquired a system for confirming the effect of applying natural preservatives in processed meat, processed seafood, fats, oils and processed fats and oils.

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