Natural Colors

natural colors

Sight is the first of the five senses to react and therefore color which stimulates the sight is used as a marketing point in food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals areas. Because of these traits, tar derived synthetic or artificial colors that can realize bright and diverse colors were commonly used but as research linking tar derived colors and human toxicity progressed, the need for natural colors extracted from natural materials for processed food arose from mainly Europe and Japan and other countries.

Currently natural colors are used in most processed foods and also there is a vigorous movement to switch to natural colors for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals areas as well for food.

However, in reality artificial colors cannot be replaced in all areas as there is a technical limit of lower stability (heat, light, pH) of natural colors compared to artificial colors.

Our company has developed color products based on a wide range of raw materials, based on technology that was the first in Korea to commercialize cochineal colors derived from the cochineal insect that lives on cactus and recently through signing an exclusive contract with a Canadian development company with new technology applicable to colors we are playing a pivotal role in introducing natural colors applications for not only food but also cosmetics.

Also, we are tending towards endless effort in microencapsulation technology and others to overcome the limits of natural colors.

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