Community Outreach


Faith, love, unity, and community are the pillars of a successful society, we believes that a nation’s strength springs largely from the quality of life of the individuals and the nurturing of good moral values and ethics in its collective society.

Here at SDBNI Company, we positively impact society and local communities where we live and work through corporate philanthropy, employee giving and volunteerism, and corporate contribution of time and expertise.

We work to help those in need by supporting numerous nonprofit organization, we are active partners in these efforts, volunteering our time and giving generously to make a positive difference where it’s most needed.


Today, let our spirit of giving, sharing, and development be

our guiding lights, to lead us all to a better society where everybody can live in harmony and peace.


Principal Activity

We are practicing our commitment through home repair for the old people living alone & low-income family, support the school expenses for underprivileged children, etc.

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